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Welcome to Diving Cala Millor

For those who want to experience safety and professionalism paired with adventure, we are " The " diving centre in Cala Millor, Majorca.

Situated only 30 meters away from the beautiful sandy beach of Cala Millor, you will find a friendly, professionel and cheerful atmosphere with small groups and individual service.
We offer diving, snorkeling and other sporting activities with a passion . We want to infect you with our enthusiasm and look forward to making your holidays here in Cala Millor more special, more beautiful and more diverified.

Bored on your holidays? - Not with us!

Lying on the beach and lounging around is not for you? Then you are right with us. Here you can explore the thrilling underwater world around your resort of Cala Millor in small groups with a family atmosphere.  

Whether a beginner or an experienced diver or snorkeler, there is much to discover on the east coast of Majorca.  

You think diving in the Mediterranean is not worth it? - Think again!

Well ... you´ll probably not encounter sharks or whales here in the beautiful  underwater world of Cala Millor. BUT... many other colorful fish and underwater life forms are waiting for you here to be discovered. 

Enjoy the beautiful Posidonia grass appointed by UNESCO in 1999 to a World Heritage Site.

See how the painted comber plays catch with the ornate wrasse. Experience the distinctive colors of the octopus and cuttlefishes. Watch the barracudas hunting or experience the relaxing, cooling effect of a beautiful dive in the summer heat on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

For those looking for excitement, we have a lot to offer.

Caves, walls and dives up to 40 meters make every diver's heart beat faster.

Majorca can ceasily compete with better known dive spots on this planet.  


So what are you waiting for? - Let´s descend!