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Swimming - even on vacation

Everyone knows how to swim! Or not?

Whether toddler or adult. Learning how to swim can´t be too early, and it's never too late for that.                                                               Playfully, we introduce the children (4+) to enter the element water and show them that it is a lot of fun to move in and around the element water. We boost their self-confidence and teach them to help themselves if they fall from the edge of the pool into the water.                        

A swimming lesson lasts about 30 minutes and is filled with

• Time to play

• Learning self-rescue practices

• Learning different swimming styles depending on the age and prior experience of the child (chest / back / crawl / butterfly / mixed forms)

• Jump into the water from the edge of the swimmingpool

• Diving

´Cause each child is an individuum, we discuss in a preliminary discussion which one of the above points are important for you before we go into the water. In addition, your child has the opportunity to meet us and to build trust in us.

Where are the lessons? 

Wherever the water is deep enough to play and swim. We have the experience that childs often feel better in their usual environment and therefore offer to teach with you in the hotel / cottage / apartment to perform, if this is allowed by the hotel.

Swimming for adults

What is so incidentally learned from young children is usually not so easy for us adults. But not impossible.                                               There are many adults who never have learned, or just insufficientlyt, to swim.

We show you the tricks you need to move safely through the water. Do not be afraid to talk to us. Itis the right decicion to learn how to swim.    

Swimming lessons for advanced swimmers

Do you want to use the time on holiday to swim more, but need someone who will give you tips to improve your swimming style? Or would you like to learn a brand new swimming style that you haven´t learned yet and dared approach? Talk to us and we'll work out a trainingplan tailored to you.